Redwood Holdings, LLC.

Our Beliefs

We believe that in order to succeed one must create a level of expectation and then work toward exceeding that level.  This provides a blueprint for success by having everyone committed to a common goal and to the understanding of what the achievement of that goal means to all.  Our investment approach has provided superior long-term investment returns.
We  recognize there is no shortage of opportunities.  However, there is a shortage of management talent and resources available to implement ideas and maximize opportunities.  Our objective is to find the right combination of opportunity and talent and to provide the capital and support needed for success.

We look to provide more than just capital to each transaction.  We strive to provide support and resources to ensure an enterprise meets its goals.

We believe there is one thing that cannot be purchased:  the desire to work as long and as hard as it takes to achieve one’s goals.  A level of success can be achieved in any endeavor through determined effort to work toward a common, realistic goal.  We require this of ourselves as well as of our business partners.