Redwood Holdings, LLC.

Our Partners

Jerry L. Ruyan |  Prior to becoming a founder of Redwood in 1995, Mr. Ruyan was president and chief executive officer of Meridian Diagnostics, Inc, a publicly traded company that develops diagnostic test products for the global medical industry.  As a founder of Meridian, he is intimately familiar with developing growth for a company from start-up to identifying market potential, nurturing product development, operating successful organizations and accessing public markets.  He guided Meridian through each stage to create a thriving, and still growing, public company.  Mr. Ruyan has been an active, successful investor in other companies in need to private equity infusions and management support.  He serves on the boards of the following companies:  Hemagen Diagnostics, Inc., Meritage Hospitality Group, Inc, and Schonstedt Instrument Company.  Mr. Ruyan is a trustee for Ashland University where he received a B.S. degree in Biology.  He received his Master’s degree in Microbiology from the Ohio State University.



Thomas A. Donelan |  Mr. Donelan has extensive experience consulting with corporate clients.  A twenty-year veteran of the banking industry, he has expertise in business analysis, loan origination, equity portfolio management, and structuring financing packages for merger and acquisition transactions.  These skills are valuable to Redwood in determining investment opportunities, supporting corporate management in achieving their business objectives, and managing a portfolio of fund investments.  Prior to becoming a Redwood founder, Mr. Donelan spent twenty years in the Fifth Third Bank organization and was vice president, commercial lending.  He has also served as a board member for Blue Chip Venture Fund in Cincinnati and Alpha Capital Venture Fund in Chicago.  He serves on the board of St. Joseph Orphanage.  Mr. Donelan earned a B.S. degree in Political Science from Northern Kentucky University and a J.D. from Chase College of Law.  Mr. Donelan serves on the boards of Schonstedt Instrument Company and Synbiotics Corporation.



Christopher P. Hendy  |  Mr. Hendy has over 25 years of experience providing capital to help both public and privately held companies attain their financial goals.  After an accomplished tenure in commercial banking, Mr. Hendy joined Redwood Holdings in August of 1996.  He works closely with each of our portfolio companies in areas such as capital structure, cash flow and resource allocation.  Previously he had been manager of the asset based lending department of Fifth Third Bank, after spending ten years in a similar capacity at Marine Midland Bank - HSBC.  Mr. Hendy received his B.S. degree in Business Administration from Xavier University.  Mr. Hendy has served on the boards of Meritage Hospitality Group, Inc., Synbiotics Corporation, Hemagen Corporation and Schonstedt Instrument Company.